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One of the best and greatest value for money GPS lap timing system available
for road, off road, cars , bikes, karts and many other applications. The RaceChrono line of Touchscreen lap timers

offer you the ability to record and analyze your lap data, read your car's engine and other OBDII data,
and graph all of this on it's large touchscreen display or download it to a PC for even
more information. Video integration software in included for free!

One of the strongest features of the RaceChrono line of lap timers is real time feed back while that
let's you know your progress with a very easy to read indicator and large screen. With three model packages to choose from,
there is a system for each need and budget.

RaceChrono TS Pro + OBDKey Bundles

All the function of the RC-Pro combined with vehicle data such as RPM and throttle position.
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$699.00 USD

RaceChrono Lapt Timer
RaceChrono OBDII

RaceChrono TS Pro

Everything you need for high speed lap timing
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$549.00 USD

RaceChrono Pro


RaceChrono TS Basic

Touch screen and internal GPS for those on a smaller budget
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$449.00 USD

RaceChrono Basic